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How to Contact The Drill Press?

Please note: If you are NOT submitting, in the subject line write ONLY the word "non-submission" or "nonsubmission". Other words will likely trigger our spam filter, the aperture of which grows ever tighter blocking letter pairs not appearing in the allowed subject words. Morons send us massive amounts of spam daily. If you are submitting, in the subject line write only "submission" followed by "book", "TEX", "PAM", "SAD" or ""special call", depending on what you are submitting. For more on this, see the appropriate section under submissions. Thank you.

Choose the address that best suits your needs :

Publisher: publisher[@]

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For submissions, choose the appropriate address below:

Books: books[@]

The Big Stupid Review: tex[@]

Journal Of Precognitive Memories: pam[@]

Spooky Action At A Distance: sad[@]