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Motels of Burning Madness

Confessions of a Male Stripper

by John-Ivan Palmer

When Going Naked is the Best Disguise…

Literary renegade John-Ivan Palmer worked through several male dance agencies to research this satire of strange romance. Huey Dubois, the Hollywood gigolo, can’t say no to a deep obsession for older women. Party girls and jealous husbands clash with hairy male strippers, cross-dressers, and a rich heiress, leading to a final showdown where Huey bares more than just his body.
The novel transcends its cast of bizarre characters caught up in their gender circus and becomes a deft dissection of desire itself.

“Very strong stuff. It got straight to me. Male stripper meets mud-wrestler, what a riot. I can’t think of another book of post-modern realism that ever made me laugh so much. The ending took me completely by surprise.”
—RICHARD KERN, underground filmmaker, author of New York Girls, Model Release, Soft, Digital Kern, Xx Girls

“All the revealing stuff you never see in movies about gigolos. A wild, fast-paced romp. Witty, gritty, & marvelously sleazy!”
—SONDRA LONDON, author of True Vampires, Killer Fiction (ed.), Making of a Serial Killer (ed.)

“John-Ivan Palmer’s effortless writing, narrative flair and rollicking satire are a rare treat. Whether he’s writing fiction or seriously informed non-fiction and reportage, he is in complete control.”
—VAL STEVENSON, editor, Nth Position Magazine

“This book knocked me out. It’s the Odyssey, but also the Satyricon. Through it all Palmer maintains an unaffected compassion for everyone. He has spelunked the dank caverns of the human head and come up clean.”
—TOM BRADLEY, author of The Sam Edwine Pentateuch, Fission Among the Fanatics, Even the Dog Won’t Touch Me

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About the Author

John-Ivan Palmer’s fiction and literary journalism have appeared widely, including Pushcart Prizes, Exquisite Corpse, Other Voices, Book Happy, Your Flesh Quarterly, and Rain Taxi. His investigative work has been mentioned in Newsweek Magazine. He is a professional stage hypnotist, specializing in casinos and night clubs, and divides his time between Minneapolis and Tokyo. For further information on the author, see John-IvanPalmer.com.

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