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Spooky Action At A Distance

Review of Tom Bradley's Hemorrhaging Slave Of An Obese Eunuch

By Dave Migman

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You don’t just read Tom Bradley’s stories, you topple into them: a magical freefall into the hectic asylum of a paradigm gestating genius. Hemorrhaging Slave Of An Obese Eunuch adds another immense piece of fiction to this prolific author’s heady catalogue (www.tombradley.org). This book includes such gems as "I Was A Teenage Rent-a-Frankenstein," "Nilla-Killa," "Fricasseed Filipina," "Bachelor Biff and his Foo-Chow Whore Get a Crypto-Missionary in Big Trouble with the Chi-Coms" and more… so much more!

Bradley grapples and headlocks such diversely horrific and perversely humorous subject matter. His diction is immense, chaotic, mesmerising… and in the brawling mass of flayed figurines, bloated baubles and wispy ghosts such powerful and timeless imagery is oozed into being.

But seriously…

The book flapped open. My eyes were seared by the strangely familiar glyphs arranged there. “Hemorrhaging Slave Of An Obese Eunuch!” said the voice (my own?).

“By Tom Bradley,” it added hastily.

"Fricasseed Filipina" unravelled before me. A tantalising char-grilled ghost danced through Hiroshima Cathedral’s parking lot. Pages flipped of their own accord. Feline mouths with peyote button teeth appeared in sequences of six and nine, each according its own tantric sequence in the text.

The further I read the more my gums began to burn (a familiar sensation). I clung to the humungous eunuch’s bloated body, gurgling and puking with joy at its visceral fables… and behind each fabulously surreal story, the master of this sulphurous wizardry, the high emanatory himself, Tom Bradley, conjures such incredible scenes. They are like my hallucinatory dreams, only somehow the necrotic genius Bradley has captured their no-sense-ness and enticed from each act something beyond poetry, good, evil and Spado’s pussy-tusks.

Hours after reading I am cast adrift, slopping over the sides of the Adriatic (or is this Tom’s syphilitic ocean mind?), still shaken by glimpses of poetics that are guaranteed to put hairs inside your eyeballs, and humour that will curl your tonsils like pigs' tails.

Come in, the waters are bubbling with finesses of literate entrails. Dante and Goethe step aside, the future bookshelves must brace themselves for Tom Bradley’s works.

from the book's back cover:

Hemorrhaging Slave of an Obese Eunuch happens in the middle of the Adriatic Sea during Neronic times, in Hiroshima Cathedral's demon-infested basement, in the royal elephant stables of a Hindustani town three millennia ago, in a Tokyo AIDS hospice disguised as a derelict kindergarten, on a yacht anchored off a South China leper isolation colony, and on top of a skull-shaped and -textured geothermal formation in the prune-colored midnight.

fat cat dance

© Dave Migman 2010

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