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Pop Quiz on US History

By The Editors

This quiz is designed to test the US citizen's ability to see through media propaganda as perperated by the US corporate-censored "news." Besides Fox and three big three-letter-word corporations, this includes The Lehrer Newshour, particularly the biased reporting of Margaret Warner. She is either a mouthpiece for the Bush regime or for the so-called superstitious "conservatives", but also as laughably dim as most working for that loopy bunch who gained control of the country.

Another major source of propaganda is the school system, but fortunately most students pay little attention, rendering it feckless.

One stab at five basic rules of propaganda (see Europe: A History, Norman Davies, page 500) is 1)simplification: reduce all data to simple confrontation between "good and bad" or "friend and foe," )disfiguration: discredit opposition by crude smears and parodies, 3)transfusion: manipulate consensus for one's own ends, 4)unanimity: the presented viewpoint is the unanimous opinion of all right-thinking people, and 5)orchestration: repeat the same message in different variations and combinations.

Use of language ought to appear more explicitly, though it does show obliquely in 3) and 5). Examples are calling the Iraq invasion Operation Iraqi Freedom, calling tax cuts for corporations and wealthy individuals Job Creation Programs, or calling the Estate Tax the Death Tax. These are forms of what might be called Newspeak, after Orwell's 1984. The Bush regime is not alone or new in this, but has been particularly egregious (and easy to see through for those who have and use a brain).

If these five points seem characteristic of what is presented as news, official government speeches and official history, you are perceptive. If they don't, you either aren't paying attention, you're not able to understand what you read or hear (something that afflicts a significant proportion of US college graduates nowadays), you are blinded by ideology (one that you likely don't understand and certainly cannot defend with rational argument or what might be called scientific method, assuming such a thing exists), you are brain-dead, or some combination of the above.

If you can't score 80% on this pop quiz (and you are a US citizen) you ought not vote in national elections. Don't believe your government when it tells you that it is your duty to vote. It is your duty to NOT vote if you don't know your ass from a hole-in-the-ground.

propaganda machine?

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