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Rick Perry leads Baal worshippers in prayer meeting

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I was amazed that thirty thousand people showed up for Rick Perry's prayer session to Baal in Houston. Though he didn't pack Reliant Stadium, I didn't realize there were so many Baal worshippers in Texas. Of course, journalists are so clueless that they cannot distinguish Baal worship from Yahewh or Jehovah worship. But then, most of the journalists in the US cannot read. Critical thinking is well beyond them. It needs to be said, Forgive them Lord, for they are clueless. However, it is well known among Christians in Texas that Perry is a Baal worshipper. Look at the drought he brought on the state. It is well documented that he was warned by a prophet named Elijah (same as his predecessor in Kings) the Texan that if he did not turn away from Baal, his state would suffer the same fate as Israel under Ahab. That earned Perry the nickname Rick "Ahab" Perry among the true believers.

The hysteria of the attendees was fun to watch, much as the Baal worshippers described in I Kings Chapter 18 were probably fun to watch. Apparently quite the same. Admittedly, it is difficult to distinguish some Christian worship from that of Baal or other Gods. For example, the difference between Pentecostal and Macumba ceremonies are indistinguishable. So it was perhaps no surprise that the Baal worshippers in the Reliant Stadium were confused with some ilk of Christians. However, Perry has this drought problem brought on by his Baal worship and he made prayers to Baal to end the drought. But as Elijah the Texan pointed out, the prayers to Baal are doing no good. Perhaps Perry's God is taking a shit, as the original Elijah had commented to the Baal worshippers of his day, and cannot attend to the matter of drought until he exits the crapper.

It is rumored that Elijah the Texan is hiding out in the Davis Mountains. Meantime, the Tea Party continues to insist that the Earth is flat, which the leaders of the Republican Party have agreed to make a party plank.

It does cause one to wonder if with Romney running and Perry a potential candidate (and perhaps Palin, who is known to have asked the blessing of an African witch doctor) the US is about to elect its first Pagan President in modern times. Thomas Jefferson, of course, if not an outright atheist was a Deist, a form of Paganism to which many of the founding fathers subscribed, so it could be seen a return to the national origins. However, Baal worship, Mormonism and African Shamanism are not considered so rational as Deism.

Pig Bodine M.Sc., Ph.D., BM2, BEM, MAD, MDMA

July 7, 2011

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