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Saving California: Secession and the Reagan Scheme

Did you hear about the CEO who was so incompetent even the other CEOs noticed?

pig on motorcycle, not driving

No one can deny California's in the shitter these days. No end of handwringing. People are plenty het up, that's for sure… vitriol to spare. From all sides. I even heard one obdurate lunkhead who sits on the editorial staff of the WSJ blame it on unions. What hokum. Reality escaping this flimflam peddler is no surprise… one of the ministers of the "new fiscal conservatism"… likely never eyeballed any of the originals… Adam Smith… David Hume. Probably can't read… pertinacious blindness… got shit in their eyes, these bunco artists crawling out of the woodwork gushing flapdoodle to the mis-educated loonies and serving up bowls of hot steaming horseshit fresh off the pile through the national media on hogwash venues like CNBC… Fox News… enough to give you the gollywobbles. Anyone who understands economics… a not difficult exercise if you aren't over-certified and/or indoctrinated… has spent time in California or followed California over the last few decades… knows the reality. Which brings us to the obvious solution to California's problems.

California fell for a Reagan scheme… sometimes called Reaganonics… not surprising given the old gasbag came from that fantasy land and governed it for a time before getting promoted to the Presidency. Reaganonics is a complex grift that can be carried on for decades given that three requirements are in play… but there's a significant difference between the Presidency and governorship of California when it comes to implementing the grift.

The Reagan scheme… the idea that cutting taxes in the teeth of gargantuan growth of government can balance a budget by bringing in more revenue than would raising taxes… counters intuition, and not in the sense of relativity or quantum mechanics which are based on reasoning. The Reaganomics scam has neither rational nor empirical basis. The fact it isn't supported by reason is its selling point. And though neither Adam Smith nor David Hume would have fallen for it, they weren't your basic US-educated bozos. Adam Smith complained about the growth of government… fiscal conservatism a la Adam Smith is to keep government small and to raise taxes when you grow government. David Hume, seeing the purpose of the Brobdingnagian bureaucracy and the method of its feeding, would cry foul. Most citizens are too fucked up to notice they're being had… can't get their heads out of their asses… certainly they can't read Smith or Hume.

California has followed Reaganomics pretty well… growing government and refusing to pay for it with taxes. California's democracy… the people… made a religion of seeing to it that raising taxes is almost an impossibility. Where there'd been taxes, they found ways to end them. Jarvis's work… Prop. 16… killed property taxes for public schools… without abolishing public schools. Big mistake according to Adam Smith. Like avoiding paying for war with taxes.

Problem is California's had access to only two legs of the three-legged wobbly thing with which Reaganomics is fabricated. Here's the tip off to the basics of hatching a Reagan scheme: When someone tells you Reagan was a fiscal conservative, ask a simple question… did he ever balance a budget? When he left office, was the budget deficit gone? The national debt smaller? No? The deficits ballooned and the national debt tripled… and not because of any policies but Reagan's own. Reagan built the most bloated bureaucracy… blotocracy… since WWII… this "fiscal conservative" who bamboozled an entire nation… the Great Deluder whose mouth spewed a nation's baseless wishful thinking… echoed his own hallucinations… imposture… the old bait and switch… hoax and artifice… humbuggery. The monstrous deficits and increase in the national debt were of his own making, the result of money he printed… the bunco game played out with corporations (primary dealers) that buy Treasury notes and sell them to the Federal Reserve… a scam whereby the government borrows from itself (euphemism for printing money) and pays the corporations who resell the notes a commission that Milton Friedman calls the cost of maintaining the fiction that the government is borrowing from the public. Pure swindle… Reagan's bureaucracy was a public works program… a stimulus package … disguised as "defense."

The third leg… for those still not getting it… is to print money. There is no growth in revenue when taxes are cut while government bureaucracy is distended with useless jobs except through the surreptitious printing of money. If you are a believer in Reaganomics, you are a dupe… fool… delusional dunderhead. You probably believe Lockheed-Martin… SAIC… L-3 Communications… Raytheon… General Dynamics… and their ilk… are private corporations. Likely you believe the Federal Reserve is a private corporation… might as well believe Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are private corporations.

Anyway, for grins imagine how well Madoff could have done had he been able to print money… Reagan made Madoff look like a piker. Which brings us to California.

For California to get out of its pickle, it needs to print money. To do this, it needs to secede from the Union. If any state has a chance of making it as a nation, it's California. If a southern state seceded… Texas… Mississippi… Alabama… the median aptitude, intellect and work ethic of the US would rise measurably. If California seceded, the intellect of the US would fall significantly. California would be a viable rival to the US. There is a reason for this: look at the immigrant population of California. These are the last people in the US who can read the English language with comprehension… who study mathematics… physics… science… engineering… the sole remaining population of competence with a work ethic in the US.

Pig Bodine M.Sc., Ph.D., BM2, BEM, MAD, MDMA June 14, 2009

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