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The Gospel of Wealth: Towards a New Generation of American Consumership By Jim Chaffee
Rick Perry leads Baal worshippers in prayer meeting By Pig Bodine M.Sc., Ph.D., BM2, BEM, MAD, MDMA
A Film Too Far: The Battle of the Strait of Hormuz By Jim Chaffee
Maurice Stoker quasireviews The Vicious Circulation of Dr. Catastrophe: A Polemical Ensemble by Kane X. Faucher By Maurice Stoker
Boozer Allan Hamilton Justifies the Tea Party By Boozer Allan Hamilton
Keith Olbermann Freaks Out Pig Bodine By Pig Bodine
Saving California: Secession and the Reagan Scheme By Pig Bodine
Maurice Stoker on Tom Bradley's Even the Dog Won't Touch Me By Maurice Stoker
Two Glad Tidings from The Marshall By Marshall Smith
Sarah Palin's Party of God By Maurice Stoker
Double-Ended Dildos Manufactured at Cosmodrome By Kane X. Faucher
At the Airport By Tom Bradley
Building the Perfect Weapon By Thomas Sullivan
CNBC Wins Pequod Institute Award for Excellence in High School Journalism By Pig Bodine, M.Sc., Ph.D., BM2, BEM, MAD, MDMA
Pig Bodine's Funky Financial Cooze Network Topological Finance for Aging Bald Dudes By Pig Bodine, M.Sc., Ph.D., BM2, BEM, MAD, MDMA
Un Mensaje Navideño del Director General Por Sandra Ramos Rossi
Christmas Parades are a Deadly Derangement of Culture and other Seasonal Asides by Kane X. Faucher
Euphotan, Protoplasmic Flash, and their Properties by Nail, with commentary by Chevy the Scientist
Suggested reading, Universitatis Merdalina Literature 734.5, Advanced Topics in Mathematical Literature: Pseudo-British/American/Pidgin English Literature, Tensor Products of Novels and Poetry for Quasi-Conformal Plagiarism in Modern Genre and its Relationship to Sexual Identity and Morphisms by Maurice Stoker
The Unexamined Life in Hell: Peregrinations Across The Diagnosis by Alan Lightman by Maurice Stoker
Presidential Politics in the Year of the Toad by Boozer Allan Hamilton Ph.D.
An Eleventh Tonkin Scenario by Donald Dickerson
The Second Annual Howard Littlefield Boosterism Award for Economic Forecasting Awarded to Boozer Allan Hamilton by Pig Bodine, M.Sc., Ph.D., BM2, BEM, MAD, MDMA
Maurice Stoker On Writing a Prize Winning Best Seller by Maurice Stoker
¿Study says lack of talent? by Pig Bodine M.S., Ph.D., BM2, BEM, MAD, MDMA
US Cracks International Terrorist Ring by Maurice Stoker
Pig Bodine Solves the US Immigration and Education Dilemmas in One Blow by Pig Bodine M.S., Ph.D., BM2, BEM, MAD, MDMA
Maurice Stoker Anent Two Errors in Thomas Pynchon’s Mason and Dixon by Maurice Stoker
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Suggested reading, Universitatis Merdalina Literature 734.5, Advanced Topics in Mathematical Literature: Pseudo-British/American/Pidgin English Literature, Tensor Products of Novels and Poetry for Quasi-Conformal Plagiarism in Modern Genre and its Relationship to Sexual Identity and Morphisms

after Gilbert Sorrentino (all Sorrention selections from Lunar Follies, Coffee House Press, 2005)

Prerequisites are small. You should have read Maurice Dobbs's Studies in the Development of Capitalism and be familiar with the little survey by Thomas Jech, Set Theory, but only through chapter 26, and parts of chapters 31, 35 and 36, mostly dealing with forcing and Woodin cardinals. If your educational experience was bereft of these fundamental ideas so that you don't have the prerequisites to read the prerequisites, as Halmos cleverly put it, don't despair. You can easily read these works as the course progresses. However, you might need to brush up on your Japanese, French, and Portuguese for some of the other works. Here and there are mentioned other stuff as prerequisites for specific readings.

Roughly, then, in their order of appearance:

A Hundred Camels in the Courtyard, Paul Bowles.

Copernicus, A Collage, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Transcripts numbered 23, 71, 2[exp(19)] ([x] significes the least integer greater than or equal to x) from previous presentations of Dog's Fart Mystery Theatre.

Chaper 4, On Yoga I: The Synthesis of Yoga, Sri Aurobindo, entitled The Sacrifice, the Triune Path and the Lord of the Sacrifice, Sri Aurobindo Ashram , Pondicherry, 1955.

The Influence of Aurobindo on Michael Flatley, Maurice Stoker, mimeographed version Bibliotecha Apostolica Vaticana.

Sea of Crises, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Sea of Nectar, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Automorophisms of Monomorphisms on Bundles of Twisted Pairs on Presheaves (Bijectives), Little Billie, Hungarian Folk Mathematics Series B, Volume 2,978,342,115, Number 3, 1978.

Jet Wimp's review of Pi and AGM: A Study in Analytic Number Theory and Computational Complexity in SIAM Review, Vol 30, Number 3, 1988. Pay attention to the distaste of the hard analyst for all things geometrical and analysis soft, particularly as shown by the distinction between pi mathematicians and e mathematicians, the former more like the strong man in the circus, the latter more like the trapeze artists, with bludgeoning the prefered mode of the pi guy. The hyperelliptic work of Billie Carlson will be of some interest. So will an extension of the analogy to the bearded lady. And perhaps a poem of Raymond Queneau. Or not.

Note that we intend to develop the mathematical theory of Bernoulli shifts applied specifically to the works of Thomas Wolfe along the lines of Merdas and Bosta who demonstrated definitively that all US literature can be so generated, and in polynomial time. The result itself, though beyond question, has been controversial to the point of fisticuffs at conferences, spawning an entire new criticism to spin away from the inevitable conclusion that all of US popular literature, before and after Wolfe penned his maudlin verbosity on paper bags atop refrigerators, is only a shift away from this tripe, hence all tripe all the time. Recent proof of the smectic ergodicity of this literary smegma (in the context of Poincaré's recurrence theorem) (demonstrably with the role of genre equivalent to measure preserving (noninvertible save in the case of overt plagiarism) transformations) explains the existence of genre, amplifies the trend to popular literature by committee, and provides for the development of sofware to generate popular fiction in whatever genre or genre-variants and cross-genre-variants in whatever style or mixtures of style in polynomial time. Paramater-driven beta versions of two interactive programs and one turnkey non-interactive program for such automatic novel, short-story, poetry and play generation have been made available for comparison. (The extension to essays, blogs and editorials has already been made, but is not available in these betas.) Two novels by one of these software packages recently won both the Pulitzer and Booker Prizes. Of course, for obvious reasons the titles of these works have been kept under wraps, as the saying goes; your professor for this class (I) had a hand in developing said software and these two works specifically targeted these two prizes (see also my recent writing on said topic in the archives of The Journal of Precognitive Memories).

Sea of Rains, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Un cours sur les integrales stochastiques, P A Meyer, in Séminaire de Probabilitiés X, Université of Strasbourg, Springer, 1980.

Pages 56 76 77 110 111 Takuboku: Poems to Eat, translated Carl Sesar, Kodansha International, Ltd. Tokyo and Palo Alto, 1966.

J Herschel, Visions of a Visionary: J. Herschel and His Times, Photographs and Memorabilia from the J Herschel Collection, Gilbert Sorrentino.

F. E. Burnstall and J. H. Rawnsley, Twistor Theory for Riemannian Symmetric Spaces, Springer, 1990.

Random readings from Harmonic Analysis on 19th Century English and Burundian Literature, Part I, Tangent and Cotangent Bundle Connections from Twa to Bantu Migrations and Smooth Deformations, ed. Cleide Garota de Programa and Candy Kane, preprint.

Neper, Gilbert Sorrentino.

God and Golem, Inc., Norbert Wiener.


Apollonius of Tyana, F. W. Groves Campbell, original edition only!

Jura Mountains, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Pseudorandom selections (via shift register) from random (via true Monte Carlo methods, ie roulette wheel) works of Cathy Acker.

From original edition of Analytic Funcitons of Several Complex Variable by Robert C. Gunning and Hugo Rossi. Chapter V1: section A, Soft Sheaves and Fine Sheaves; section D, Leray's Theorem on Cohomology; Chapter VIII: section A, Frechet Sheaves. Be ready to disucss abstract nonsense in the realm of flabby sheaves of popular literature.

Os Lusíadas, Luís Vaz de Camões.

Joliot-Curie, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Michele Caccatanto, Anal Kisses in Popular Culture, the Work of Wim Delvoye, and Joojooflop, Swut, Belgium, Bad Cooze Press, DE.

Ocean of Storms, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Caucasus Mountains, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Aristoteles, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Tautologous Polyhedra in Greek Mythology on Manifolds, Maurie Stocker.

Posidonius, Gilbert Sorrention.

Ptolemaeus, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Pythagoras, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Taste of Latex, Fall, San Francisco, 1990.

The Malleus Maleficarum of Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger, 1948 reprint.

Yubi, Mary Maddox, Yellow Silk, Summer/Fall 1994.

Asymptotic Behavior of Dissipative Sysetms of Playwrites, Novelists, Short Storyists, and Similar Ilk on Stalks of Flabby Sheaves, Jerry Evans, Kip Downer and Yuri, Society for Mathematical Literature, 1996, Fall River, MA.

Purbach (New Departures, New Arrivals, Old Masters), Gilbert Sorrentino.

Those Fucking Modalities and their Gawddamn Loop Groops, Anonymous, Free! University of Kansas in Manitoba.

Secret selections from the work of Ricardo Reis, http://www.cfh.ufsc.br/~magno/reis.htm.

The Influence of Ricardo Reis on Fernando Passoa, Mauice Stroker, mimeographed pre-pre-print.

Sea of Cold, Gilbert Sorrentino.

The Sacred Prostitute, Nancy Qualls-Corbett, Inner City books, Toronto, 1988.

The Influence of Fellini on Petronius, Pseudo-Dionysius the Aeropogite (writing as Peter the Iberian), Charles the Bald Edition in the Latin translation of John Scotus Eriugena. Be prepared to discuss the section on delayed choice quantum eraser and sending electric toasters through double slits.

Concerning the Structure of Dendritic Spaces, B. J. Pearson, Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae, 1974. Also unpublished notes, B. J. Pearson, Point Set Topology.

Reincarnation and the Law of Karma, William Walker Atkinson, 1908 edition.

A History of Pornography, H. Montgomery Hyde, Dell Publishing Company, 1964.

Dirty Movies (An Illustrated History of the Stag Film, 1915-1970), Al Di Lauro and Gerald Rabkin, Chelsea House, 1976 (including In Praise of Hard Core, Kenneth Tynan).

Les Guérillères, Monique Wittig, Les Editions de Minuit, 1969.

Libido, Volume 3 Number 2, Spring 1991.

Differentiable Germs and Catastrophes, Th. Bröcker, tr. L. Lander, 1975. Pay particular attention to the mistake in the proof of the preparation theorem of Malgrange and René Thom's joke at the expense of Dschuang Dsi.

Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer, Theory and Experiments, John Cunningham Lilly, 1967, Communications Research Institute Scientific Report No. CR10167, available from Book People, Berkeley, CA or Whole Earth Catalog or somefuckingotherplace.

Monte-Carlo selected cartoons by Mike Keefe before his gig with the Denver Post.

Rook Mountains, Gilbert Sorrentino.

First Fuck for Dorothy, Part Two, ?, Impulse Issue No. 198, Volume Nine, Number 26, Christmas, 1981, Los Angeles.

Your five favorite ads, California Sun, Issue Number 192, Volume 8, Number 13, June 1982, Kash Enterprises with assistance of Very Libertarian Enterprises, Los Angeles.

Maureen Ann add from Kansas City Swingers, circa mid-1970s, and Club Adam ad A-9277-C, Adam, Volume 17, Number 9, October 1973.

Threesomes, Why and Why Not? John L., Gregarion, Volume 2, Number 3, April 1979, Metairie, Louisiana.

Medley of ads from at least two of the following: Southern Swingers, Met Personals, Talk of the Town, Playful Texan, National Connection, Touch of Class, Texas Connection, Looking Glass, Swing Time, Southern Swingers Delite, New Friends Swingers Magazine, Texas Computer Swingers, Texas Finger, Making contact, Swingers Hotline, National Deviations, Lone Star Swingers, Texas Only, Swingers Circle, Southern California Swingers News, Texas Swingers Exchange, Making Contact, old issues of The Austin Chronicle personal ads, etc. Extra credit for contacts.

Sea of Moisture, Gilbert Sorrentino.

The Capital Call Girls, Robert Draper, Texas Monthly, August 1994.

Tsiolkovsky, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Walther, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Almost Automorphic and Almost Periodic Dynamics in Skew-Product Semiflows, Wenxian Shen and Yingfei Yi, Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, 1998, AMS.

Sea of Nectar, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Um Liebe kümmert sich doch niemand,, ?, Der Spiegel, Nr 27, 1967.

She's on top in L.A., Torie Osborne Reveals a Glimpse of Her Struggles, Lori Medigovich, Lesbian News, Volume 17, Number 3, October 1991, Twentynine Palms, California.

Alternative Press Review, compiled by Lev Chernyi, Anarchy, a Journal of Desire Armed, Issue 19, May-July 1989.

Sea of Crisis, A Film, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Victoria's Secrets Catalogs from early to mid 1990s and at least one photo of each of Angelina Jolie and Uma Thurman. Prepare a paper on evolution of bichinho de goiaba self-presentation, concentrating on artificial and natural alien bug look.

A Child's Garden of Special Functions, Theodore Parker Higgins, in Fractional Calculus and Its Applications, 1975, Springer.

The Botany and Chemistry of Hallucinogens, 2nd Edition, Richard Evans Schultes and Albert Hofmann, Charles C. Thomas, 1980.

Tycho, Gilbert Sorrentino.

Pseudorandom selections from Random Number Generation and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods, Harald Niederreiter, SIAM, 1992. (Be certain to bring your pocket feedback shift-registers to class on random days.)

Boozer Allan Hamilton, Rigorous Results in Capitalist Mathematical Economics, Volume 1, Book 9, On the Minimal Cardinality of Models for Pure Capitalism, Section 23, Are Frechet Lie groups necessary?, Section 27 The missing tangent bundles on Frechet manifolds, Economia Sem Merda, 2001, Minas Gerais, Brasil. (This requires a working knowledge of infinite-dimensional Lie groups, at the level of Hideki Omori's Mugen Jigen Rī Gunron, Kinokuniya, Co., Ltd, Tokyo, 1979.) Including that celebrated result of Boozer's that the existence of capitalism in nature requires the existence of inaccessible cardinals, though in typical cases no larger than the small Mahlo cardinals, which must equal the dimension of the embedding manifold.

Chester Himes, The Crazy Kill.

If time permits, a selection of novels in English zigzagging between Charles Dickens as the grand master dung beetle and modern genre works indicating the presistence of the baker's transformation in the entire category of popular English language literature shifting for the eternal return of smaltzy dreck ad infinitum ad nauseum. Explaining then the tedium and dreariness of celebrated "auteurs" as seemingly diverse as Margeret Atwood and Harold Robbins (avoiding the word "artiste" which in the midwest of the US is a synonym for cocksucker). Of course, the open questions revolve around whether Dicken's generates Wolfe and whether there is a first generator to give it all up, perhaps embedded in some ancient language. That there can exist such has been demonstrated recently by myself, working on acyclic flabby sheaves of incoherent bundles of 18th century English authors, and with a partial result by Merdas and Bosta working with germs of mostly deceased authors. More important (besides the application to automatic stand-alone and interactive literature-generating software) is the existence of objective standards to separate the popular cliché from the inventive literature. Of course, this distinction is of some import legally in the case of Brown versus St. Martin's Press in determining whether interactive software-generated popular literature can be construed to have been authored for purposes of royalties.

Class will assemble in the Fifth Avenue laundromat closest to campus on alternate Mondays and Fridays unless there is a leap second adjustment, after which classes will meet Wednesdays for half as long. The hour of congregation is a random time in the sense of Brownian stopping times, in this case a first passage time. Check your friendly local Brownian traveler.

I'm looking forward to this. It ought to be a lot of fun. And don't forget to bring your dirty laundry.

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