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US Cracks International Terrorist Ring

Cleansed classified documents from a joint black operation involving CIA, FBI, and unnamed US and foreign security agencies were leaked to me by a source who shall remain unnamed. They give the outline of an international operation that cracked a massive and extremely dangerous terrorist operation with roots in the Vietnam anti-war movement.

The origin of the terrorist cell goes back to the Communist run organization MOBE, part of the so-called peace movement against the war. In 1967 they began a nascent experiment applying techniques from quantum physics to halt the spread of US led democracies around the globe. Their methods succeeded, being in large part responsible for the US failure in Vietnam despite our superior technology, ideology and morality. Their descendants apply the same methodology to Iraq and other areas where democracy is on the move, such as Lebanon, but on a much grander scale.

In 1967 they attempted to chant and meditate until the Pentagon levitated and turned orange, exorcizing the “evil spirits” which in reality were the spirits of democracy, peace and Godliness. Led by the predecessor of bin Laden, Abbie Hoffman, and assisted by such dangerous men as Jerry Rubin, Allan Ginsberg, Benjamin Spock, David Dellinger, Eddie Sanders (older brother of Fearless Sanders), and Norman Mailer, the attempt seemed to fail, but in fact was every bit as successful as John Haeglin’s use of Transcendental Meditation (possibly a form of devil worship) in 1993 to curb the rising murder rate of Washington, DC. It should be noted that Haeglin’s techniques, based in quantum physics, succeeded in reducing the murder rate by 18% relative to what it would have been had there been no meditation, a significant help given that the city experienced the highest murder rate on record that year.

The ring had spread across the US and around the globe, possibly due to influence from the film What the Bleep? and advances in education wherein every US college graduate has a thorough grounding in quantum physics and general relativity. The greater danger is that this cell has been fused with al-Qaeda through advanced action, which is the correct explanation of the apparent occurrence of spooky action at a distance as demonstrated in experiments of Alain Aspect with Bell’s inequality, and could tie the 1967 movement directly to bin Laden and al-Qaeda even though he was but ten years old at the time.

At any rate, a significant portion of this massive ring of chanting, meditating terrorists has been stopped in its tracks, with most of them rendered to middle eastern allies who can apply such advanced technology as boiling in oil and decapitation with hand saws to extract more information. We will know if these Godless terrorists have been stopped in time by the outcome of the Iraq war.

Maurice Stoker

© 2006

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