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Maurice Stoker Anent Two Errors in Thomas Pynchon’s Mason and Dixon - 4

Part V Entropy Versus Energy or Freezing Liberty

cows on paddy dike, Viem Dong

So where are we left? Two errors, one of space and one of time, tied clearly but how? This last question leads to the occult truth of Mason and Dixon, perhaps unlocking even all of Pynchon’s work as a Master of Wisdom. How does the epsilon of Cauchy’s estimates, the core of analysis that banished the ghosts of departed quantities haunting the work of Newton (never mind Leibnitz and his vindication by Abraham Robinson in the twentieth century via Ultraproducts) tie to the non-orientable error of the wrong object emitting from a stogie? That’s the question, isn’t it, that all boils down to? Hold on tight, prepare yourself, something has to absorb the acceleration we shun by traveling this geodesic. It might help to read Simon L. Altman’s Rotations, Quaternions and Double Groups, at least the Preface and Introduction, by way of preparation, along with a host of other hidden references available upon request, or perhaps to explore the spatial-temporal connection (in the Koszul sense but perhaps on the normal bundle, regardless of Cristoffel symbols for the cotangent bundle) between Alan Weiss and Mike Keefe (and Drummer Bob?). Enough said here of these peripheral matters. Time has presented itself to explore a bit of that old Ising model for ferromagnetic behavior, tied as it be to entropy, information, renormalization groups (associated with logarithms!), Large Deviations and Dixon. Or maybe not. Perhaps a mere quote from Richard S. Ellis, Entropy, Large Deviations, and Statistical Mechanics should be enough for the discerning reader:

"As these examples show, a probability measure on a configuration space provides a microscopic definition of a stochastic or physical system. However, the laws describing such a system are macroscopic descriptions which in contrast to the number of all configurations, involve many fewer variables. For each description, the range of possible values of these variables defines the set of macrostates. Each macrostate is compatible with, and hence is a summary of, many microstates. The entropy of a macrostate is a measure of this multiplicity. Those macrostates compatible with the most microstates—i.e., those with the largest entropy—are the ones observed in nature. Generally, a system will have several possible macroscopic descriptions, each differing in complexity and in choice of macrostate. For each description, there is a different entropy concept." (page five)

Vietnamese with metal detector in field, Viem Dong

That sets things rather in a bit of context, doesn’t it? Rather like Pynchon setting his Brownian characters out to solve the Dirichelet problem in a disk by random wandering interrupted by capture and count at the boundary. Far different from the model one gets in the limit as a point source of heat in an infinite rod diffusing via Brownian wandering to a uniform distribution, which is similar in fact to the reality of Adam Smith’s steady state model for perfect competition which all the Modern Capitalists forget leads to a state wherein the best one can hope for is the entrepreneur lose no more than the initial investment, never profiting; so that any system producing profit cannot be free enterprise.

To which we add from M&D itself (Chapter Sixty-Eight, an Indian and Mason speaking): "‘Small differences mean much to you. There is Power in these?’ ‘The finer the scale we work at, the more Power may we dispose. The Lancaster County Rifle is precise at long range, because of Microscopick refinements in the Finish, the Rifling, the ease with which it may be held and aim’d. They who control the Microscopick, control the World.’"

But more can be gleaned from Ellis regarding Pynchon’s work in general, to wit: (page eighty-eight) "The phase transition for ferromagnetic systems has many similarities with the more common liquid-gas transition, although each is described by different variables. Both phase transitions arise as a result of two competing microscopic effects. The first effect tends to order the system. It is caused by attractive forces of interaction and is measured by energy. The second effect tends to randomize the system. It is caused by thermal excitation and is measured by entropy. At sufficiently low temperatures, the energy effect predominates and a phase transition becomes possible."

GPS marker on hill 38

Of course ferromagnetism is ultimately the manifestation of quantum mechanical spinning of electrons. Spinning and Quaternions, possibly even Octonians, and now we are led back to Dixon and inertial guidance as well as electromagnetism. And don’t forget that associated with each of the Configurations of Spin strung out in infinite-dimensional lattice is the Hamiltonian, NOT the Rodriguian, and complicit in this was Gibbs and even Tait of Texas (again, see Altmann op. cit.). Moreover, it is the Gibbs variational formulae that make explicit the energy-entropy competition underlying the phase transitions, much as Pynchon delineates its devastating effect on Slothrop in Gravity’s Rainbow. In fact, it is here we find the true tie of GR to M&D and possibly even Lot 49, though that not be part of the odd sequence. As Ellis puts it on page 179: "The basic hypothesis of mean field theory is that each spin feels an average interaction caused by all the other spins." Holy (or wholly) spooky action at a distance? Is there a place here for Bell’s inequality and Alain Aspect? Certainly the breakdown of the Central Limit Theorem looms large with sensitivity to small perturbations, microscopic adjustments of the model appearing in the form of spin fluctuations, or even islands of correlated spins growing in size. Be these rumored Large Deviations? (Just what is the Standard Deviation, if not Fellatio?)

GPS marker on hill 38

If this isn’t enough evidence, consider the logarithms resulting from renormalization group calculations, the power law functions in the form of a limit of the ratio of the log of one thing by log of another. Do we see any laws of iterated logarithms in sight? Or perhaps we must resort to processes with infinite memory, to that bugaboo of the Allan variance of precise timing sources, the one over f, or so-called flicker noise. In any case, be this the Sha appearing from the infinite horizon in the limit?

Something to think about before retiring for the night, is it not? Perhaps Pynchon is Richard Ellis as well.