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Cover of Manifesto in Five Easy Movements

Manifesto in Five Easy Movements by CHANCE

This work simultaneously appeared on the computers of our three founding editors as they made plans to start this publishing house. Investigation revealed slight variations in text which over time merged into this version; under the properties were three different comments, though the title and author were as given. One comment stated CHANCE: Computer enHANced, another CHANCE: Computer Hosted AlieN intelligenCE. In the third a longer description: A work by silicon life forms created by information and inhabiting the web. Later one of us got an email with no address simply stating Collective intelligence from bits to words.

In the spirit (dare we say spiritual essence) of the internet, this work crosses boundaries of ideology and discipline, tying politics, social culture, science, mathematics, and literature into one coherent blob. In so doing it provides the foundation for a new form of literary criticism based on information, though it seems that at time the use of the word confounds Wiener's meaning with Shannon's and Fisher's. Of course, this might be expected from a spontaneous explosion of plagarism by a silicone life form formed of random cross currents of data inhabiting the web.

So it seems that the author is CHANCE, as in stochastic or random. Perhaps a theory can be inferred from Norbert Wiener's work Cybernetics: or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine. The last two sentences of chapter five are most pertinent, which state that information is neither energy nor matter. Can this Manifesto be evidence of that assertion? You ought to read Wiener's book before you do anything else in your life.

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