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Dear Vito

Dear Vito

by Mickey Z.

James Hemming is a personal trainer who, in his spare time, enters air guitar contests mimicking Vito Bratta of the old hair metal band, White Lion. He meets the waif-like Indigo at the gym and recruits her into a plot to make himself famous while resurrecting Vito’s legend. The tale unfolds through a pasticcio of flashbacks, diary entries, letters to Vito, and related vignettes that suddenly segue off to introduce back-stories, underlying themes, and other unexpected intersections. It's funny, quirky, perverted, and guaranteed to provoke a response.

"Dear Vito is a continuous pleasure. It's told in a non-sequential, but definitely sensical way, employing with equal facility such disparate modes as the screenplay, the scientific commentary, the online message-board fan letter, the brilliant and beautiful political essay, and regular (but not really) novelistic narrative, from every conceivable point of view--all expertly and smoothly pressed into the service of telling the story of Mickey Z.'s protagonist. As in all of Mr. Z's stuff, fiction and non-, the energy level is unbelievable, every bit as jammed with life as the streets of his beloved Astoria. It is easy to see how such vitality has spilled over into the bodily arena and made this author into a martial arts expert. I hope he never kicks my skull as hard as his book has punched my mind."
—TOM BRADLEY, Put It Down in a Book

"Mickey Z. continues to develop his unique American ouvre, this time focusing on lightning-fast tales of interconnected urban blight. It's easy to talk about punk rock writing, but Mickey really does write as if he doesn't give a fuck but knows what must be said."
—NED VIZZINI, It’s Kind of a Funny Story

"Mick is super-smart and sexy, looks great in nothing but boy shorts and serves the best pina coladas in town. Oh yeah, he can write pretty good too."
—GINA RANALLI, author of Sky Tongues and Mother Puncher

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About the Author

Mickey Z. is probably the only person on the planet to appear in a political book with Noam Chomsky and a karate flick with Billy Blanks. He is the author of nine books and can be found on the Web at www.mickeyz.net.

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